Friday, July 15, 2011

Ciao~ Discovery of Rome, Italy - Episode 1

15th July 2011
Arrived Ciampino Airport at 4pm by flying with Ryanair which made us headache with their flight services though I know it is a budget flights. I rather pay more next time if possible!!! We took a bus to the center of Rome followed by Metro to search for our hotel... We drag our exhausted body to search for the way to the Hotel St. Paul and finally we get to take our rest earlier for charging our energy to prepare for the next day trip! GO Rome~

16th July 2011
The breakfast in Hotel St. Paul was totally worth a penny especially those cold cuts Parma Ham which are my love!!! Then we get up to the signature of Rome, the Colosseum also known as "Coliseum" which is the biggest and most imposing in the Roman world, and also the greatest works of Rome's Architecture. You couldn't miss out this amazing UNESCO world heritage even if it has to cost you 12euro per person.. You will be attracted by this absolute impressive thing!! I'm serious~

Beside the Colosseum, you may also see The Arch of Constantine which this triumphal arch was erected to commemorate Constantine I's victory over Maxentius at the Battle of Milvian Bridge on October 28, 312. There is also a hill that call Palatine or "Palatino" situated just beside the Colosseum and the Arch. Even if you think there has nothing to see inside the Palatino but just some destroyed stones, I still recommend you walk around to experience it...It may not that impressive as the Colosseum does, but it is still part of the Roman's history... You should feel the heritage of Rome there~ 
The Rome's view from the hill of Palatino.

When the day is still bright with clear blue sky, visiting the Trevi Fountain will be a good choice but it will be even better if there isn't too crowded with too many tourists.. It's summer holiday tho! However, the fountain is a true wonder, a jewel of water and stone that is nestled between the palaces of the historic centre of the city. With the exception of those annoying crowd, this fantastic work of arts made you felt like it is the scene of heaven with the ever-mutating and incredible power of falling water that could ever took your breath away! While enjoying this breath-taking art work, don't forget to make a wish by throwing a coin into the water... It is said that if you throw a coin over your shoulder into the water, you will be sure to return to Rome. However I prefer the Roman's art work can make my dream come true instead of the returning~ XD
I've still made a wish for myself even if it's believed to have a return to Rome...

We also grabbed the Italian's ice cream which I can truly say the italian's ice cream is always the best ice cream ever with natural fruit favour! Eating the best ice cream in the world while walking around the Rome's streets will be a great experience... I'm sure you won't be regret even if the ice cream cost you a litter more!! After a few walks, we step into the Palazzo del Quirinale where is the home of the President of Italy and that's why you will see some soldiers marching inside and standing quietly at every single entrance...yea~ that's cool indeed! Besides, the most eyes catching thing in this place will be the Dioscuri Fountain that features 5.5-meter-tall (18ft) sculptures of Castor and Pollux as horse tamers and another 14-meter-tall (46ft) central obelisk once held a place of honor at the entrance to the mausoleum of Augustus.. 

As you can see, I'm still enjoying my ice cream under the Dioscuri Fountain.

If you have some free time, you should walk nearby the Trevi Fontana to see the building of Rome with a lot of interesting work of art like Medusa on the entrance door, the figures of the four fountains that represent the River Tiber and etc. Due to the day of summer is longer than night in Europe, we had no enough energy to wait until the dark night to see the night view of Trevi Fountain. It should be very nice with the light on. Since a whole day walking was really tiring, we supposed to have enough rest for the next day~ 

stay tuned for my next post of the Rome discovery......

You only live once for this graduation day!

13th July 2011 --
It was a day when I would meet my beloved family and boyfie after a year! I went to pick him up at London Heathrow Airport while my parents and aunt were enjoying their tour in the London center. I was waiting for him for at least an hour after his arrival time, it was totally making me so anxious when I couldn't even get through him at all! What a terrible waiting moment, just like I was waiting him without any plans endlessly until I received an unknown number called from him to request my hostel's address.

Finally, my waiting worth for a warmest hug! Then, his first conversation to me was:" dear, my checked-in luggage is still in Malaysia!" OMG~ what?! That's why I said, it was a terrible waiting moment!!
No matter how, the only way was to wait for the airport services to send his luggage to my hostel on the next day. Fine, it was truly a terrible arrival and my family keep rushing me to meet them up at China Town!

We quickly took the underground and met my family for dinner there.
Phew~ Everything went smoothly after all. At night,we had our free walking tour nearby our hotel, to discover the romantic view of the London Eye and Big Ben...

14th July 2011--

My congregation ceremony will be started at 1pm but I had to get everything done at 11am...
Despite all those rushing for preparation, the ceremony didn't take too much time yet indeed, it was too boring to wait one by one to receive our certificate.. That giving out session was really long-waited~
Finally, it's my turn!

The ceremony finished at 3pm and we were served with some refreshments after that. Of course, everyone were excitedly taking some photos of this exquisite moment with friends and family!

Despite of this, how could you not taking a photo like below when you are graduated?! wink~*

This unforgettable moment would pass without knowing it, and it's time to walk around the city of Newcastle Upon Tyne to explore what I had been experiencing for this past year. Surprisingly, we have got the chance to see the Millenium Bridge which also referred to "Blinking eye bridge" tilted so that it could allow the small ships and boats to pass through underneath it... I'd never seen this scene before although I've been living here for almost a year! Thanks to my family that bring this luck to me! great one~

"This day, it might sound like an ordinary graduation like anyone did, but this would be a day that prove for myself, I have one step closer to touch my dream~"

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Another turning point in my life is about to begin

We dressed up formally to attend the Business School Graduation Ball held on 26th of May 2011 at Hilton Hotel...

This article content is mainly about my thoughts at the moment which is a new chapter of my life is going to begin.. Since these photos do all the talks, I prefer to pour everything out from my mind instead of just the event..

Pinky Dress of the day..
Flash back the moment when I stepped in my first UK's land, Newcastle Upon Tyne for the purpose of continue my degree studies since last year 2010 of September. I took flight to a place alone where I unfamiliar with and settled down at this place independently...

Life goes on just like from a kid to a pupil studies in Primary School, then from a student studies in the High School to a College...  Everything seems to be arranged for your own sake...But as time goes by, we grow older enough and able to decide for our chosen life at this point..

After my college's life, I decided to leave my home country far far away, chose a different path among my peers, that seems to be a big turning point in my life...I told myself I wish to secure different level of my life increasingly as life should be climbed higher and higher to possess a committed, independent, knowledgeable and confident self in every steps that I took...
Time pass just like a blink, everyone says that...Indeed, it's time for me to meet another turning point in my life again..

The congregation is just around the corner...It seems the end of my Uni's life whereby I have more privileges as well as my possession to pick which paths I will need to go when I'm standing just right middle of the junction roads now...

This graduation ball reminds me that my authority on holding my own life has become more powerful as well as my responsible to my acts... This graduation ball informs me I should merely grant my study life as comes to an end  and making a next decision in the chain that makes it the most conspicuous link for myself.... There's no advantages for the predecessors, because it ain't how fast I got deployed with success. Perhaps, it's more about my soul linked with the path that I chose.

This time, it is a stupendously important moment that I tend to pay attention on...I always remind myself to hold my faith until the end of the road despite of all those big and little incidents come towards. I hold my belief...

I've finished up written my thoughts, let's start the  Photos' talk session at the Ball !!
My lovely classmates, pretty Hong Konger Eva and pretty Thet from Myanmar.

Julie Crumbley, our Buyer Behaviour Tutor
The groupmates of Marketing Management with Matthew Sutherland, my favourite tutor for the whole semester..

Monday, May 23, 2011

FOAM party~

Sorry for the late post about this party, but at least I still posted it apology is accepted!

Let's start the party...!
The foam party..It sounds fun right? Indeed, it is truly a fantastic party that I've ever had!
Well then, how does it look like?

When the timing is right there, foam will be poured from the top down to flood all over us! yea~ that how its happen!!! And the foam will flood until your knees!!! Seriously, I am totally in love with this kind of party...
Then enjoy it!

As you can see, the party is not about all nice dresses, shirts or sexy wear, but it's all about fun, craziness and it's awesomely excited! Therefore, suitable and comfortable wearing will do for this awesome party which it will absolutely make you wet after the foam has dried out...People like to wear scandals, vest tops, spaghetti tops or singlets and some girls would wear bikini as well...Then those guys will probably take off their tops so you sometimes might see some unwanted-to-see body shape...hahaha~

So I wear simple tops and for me, I don't wear eye lashes anymore to prevent any uncomfortable or embarrassing situation happened to me while I get silly in the party..hahaha~ Here's my dress up..

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Love me no more

I never expect you to read my mind
you never wanted to listen to it...

I may be the one who make things bad..
you are the one who turn the circumstances even worst..

You never know me...
I can't barely feel your love...

If things don't improve,
I rather make my decision....
To stay here....

Do you listen to me?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011




Thursday, April 28, 2011

Worry through an unknown

Had been plagued by something which is so indescribable since last night...
I never ever know how to express my true feeling as well as this time...
I can't figure out what I am worrying for...Perhaps, there's someone help me shed some light...

I honestly trust the one who I suppose to trust although it is not entirely since every circumstance might have excluded... At least I know I'm trusting the right person...
what makes me frowned?
I ponder it deeply and then surrounded by one question..
Do I trust myself?
The confidence that a person suppose to have has inclined when it comes to an uncertainty..
when you can't know what everything is happening around...
when you feel like being buried deep down separately..
when you can't even find out what answer do you actually want...

Then you finally realize, it isn't a matter of anybody, it's a matter of your ownself..
My confidence to myself has faded because I couldn't find any reason to stop it as I consciously know anything can be happened just like a blink without any intention where there has no one fault...

"Goes with the flow just seem to be too lost for me..."

I hate walking with no direction...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Traffic Light Party @ OHSO club!

We dressed up colourfully for this party which is a chance to show your current status!
Here we are in the Traffic Light Party at OHSO club!!

* Taken - RED
* Undecided - ORANGE
* Available - GREEN

* On a Break - PINK
* Want to Make Friends - YELLOW
* Looking for fun - BLUE